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We make body-care into a ritualised journey

A premium, artisanal body care brand that offers unique, story-driven scents while promoting self-care and sustainability.

Our journey began with a simple idea: to create a range of body-care products that tells a story of origins, inspiration and artistry.

Our Products

Inspired by some of the most serine locations around the globe. Our products follow their origins, culture and history.

Designed and crafted into a premium body-care experience exclusive to our brand

Fragrances you don't have to worry about

Growing up, certain fragrances would give us headaches, and we know you can relate.

That's why we focus on high quality, phthalate-free fragrance oils. Our blends are adventurous yet delicate, perfect for you and anyone who experiences your aroma.

Ingredients you can trust

From the very beginning we go beyond what most companies do by custom formulating our scents to ensure they contain no harmful essential oils. 

Our approach is to design this in an ethical way thats kind to the planet as it is to your mind and body.

Body-care is now something I look forward to


“My daily go-to”


"Great service, love the scent"