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Our Story

Born out of a passion for natural beauty and holistic wellness, Aura on Urth is dedicated to crafting high-quality skincare solutions that enhance your natural radiance.

We focus on creating products that evoke feelings of passion, sensuality, and connection. Our formulations are carefully designed to provide an exquisite self-care experience, making every moment a celebration of you.


Our Products

Nature's best

We use only the finest natural ingredients, selected for their proven benefits and nurturing properties.


Crafted with love for our planet. Our products use eco friendly packaging and recyclable materials.


Our Values

Luxury & Elegance

Each product in our collection is crafted with the finest natural ingredients, offering you an indulgent and sophisticated way to care for your skin.

Nature & Purity

Our commitment to purity means that we use only the best sustainably sourced, natural ingredients.

We also handmake our products in small quantities.

Holistic Wellness

True beauty comes from within. Our products are designed to nurture your body and soul, promoting a sense of well-being and inner harmony.

Since using Aura on Urth, self-care is now something I look forward to


“My daily go-to”


"Great service, love the scent"


Ingredients You Can Trust

From the very beginning we go beyond what most companies do by custom formulating our scents to ensure they contain no harmful chemicals. 

Our approach is to design this in an ethical way thats kind to the planet as it is to your mind and body.